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What are the key elements of a socially & emotionally healthy home? 


How do we teach parents effective new skills?

“The tools they taught us actually worked... and they worked wonders! One of our smartest parenting decisions.”

Patrice & Vince Zubas, Parents

Santa Barbara, CA

“The strategies parents learned were easy to implement and created differences in their homes immediately.”

Nancy Lorenzen, Principal

Monte Vista School

Santa Barbara, CA

“Participants took home many practical strategies to utilize immediately at home.  An outstanding presentation.”

Barbara LaCorte, Principal

Hope School

Santa Barbara, CA


The 9 Essential Skills of Love and Logic® and Application for Parents

“We continue to use the tools we learned every single day. Our kids are responsible, respectful, self-confident kids thanks to Family Fuel!”

Kevin & Kelly Flint, Parents

Santa Barbara, CA

Introductory Services

Family Fuel is a independent facilitator of Love and Logic® Curricula, win-win approaches to parenting which include preventive and misbehavior strategies.

We offer a seminar, an intro class and many other individual classes.


Parenting the Love and Logic Way Seminar

Four 2.5 hour classes

9 skills plus homework, morning & bedtime, arguing & whining, chores & stores, siblings & conflict

$2000 + travel

Introduction to Love and Logic for Parents

2.5 hour parent class

An overview of 6 of the skills presented in a way that makes them applicable

$600 + travel

Also Available

Customized programs for:

Preschools, Churches

Camps, Caregivers, Therapists, Foster Parents

Classes also in Spanish

Private Classes

available at your space and on your time frame

Life-changing!!  New video content from Jim Fay and Charles Fay, Ph.D.  Fun, practical skills you can use right away that create calmer relationships and increase respect, responsibility, compliance and self-control.   Multi-media seminar with Q&A.

Topical Classes

2.5 hour parent classes on:

toddlers, preschoolers, tweens, teens, homework, chores, sibling rivalry, discipline, control, limits, arguing, strategies for a typical school day & more

$600 + travel

& role play skills
their progress
about old skills
effective skills

Parent with CARE!

Love and Logic is a set of fun, practical skills you can use right away that create calmer homes. 

Parents are more stress-free and have better relationships with their kids!  Happy parent, happy kids...

CARE Solutions

10 solutions in 4 categories for relating with kids:



Affirming Authority

Responsive Regulation

Empowering Exchanges

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A new cost-effective, efficient, practical way to learn Love and Logic

for the home.

Get the most for your money and your busy schedule with our CARE packages.


The reason for going to a parenting class is change!

Everyone practices the skills as we go along, so that the new phrases have all been spoken and considered.

Many common scenarios are reviewed step by step.


Learning continues with one on one parent coaching so parents grow wiser with a guide!  An evaluation tool is available to begin discussion and evaluate progress with new skills.

Self-evaluations available.


The well organized multi-media training is pure Love and Logic with slides, video clips, stories, handouts and Q&A.  Laugh and learn along with the presenter as well as Jim Fay and Charles Fay, Ph.D. on the videos.

CARE Workshop

for Schools

-5 hour CARE workshop

  one day or two 2.5 hours

-Email support afterwards

$900 + travel

-2.5 hour CARE workshop

-Email support afterwards

$600 + travel

CARE Training Only

for Individuals

-5 hr CARE or SSS w/shop  

  (events in Santa Barbara)

-Email support afterwards

$110 one person

$185 two people

Add Parent Coaching later

$100 / hour  (Min. 1 hour)

CARE Package

for Individuals

-5 hr CARE or SSS w/shop

  (events in Santa Barbara)

-Email support afterwards

-1 hour Parent Coaching

-Written Evaluation

$190 one person

$265 two people


+ practice

+ evaluate

= success

SSS for Schools for Incoming Kinder or Preschool Parents

Have this class be “required” at K or PS registration time. 

Start building a strong healthy school culture from the beginning!

SSS Workshop

This is a class specifically for parenting 3-6 year olds.

All the same CARE solutions with an early childhood focus in the stories & videos and specific strategies for social and emotional readiness.

SSS Workshop

for Schools

-5 hour SSS workshop

  one day or two 2.5 hours

-Email support afterwards

$900 + travel

-2.5 hour SSS workshop

-Email support afterwards

$600 + travel

“I took your workshop on Jan 10!   It was amazing - I've been telling all my friends. The techniques have been working beautifully with our son who is adapting nicely to our new empathetic communication style.”

Wendy Breakstone

“Taking Love and Logic helped us realign to what is most important for us.  We learned very practical tools that we were able to implement immediately, which has resulted in having a calmer, quieter household.”

Sara Caputo

“I appreciate these tools so much. When I apply them I am so proud of my parenting, and the harmony in our home soars!”

Cherry Field

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